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ONCall™ turns your ONSPEC system into a powerful alarm monitoring and notification tool. ONSPEC does the alarm detection and ONCall™ makes the desired telephone calls, pages, or audio announcements.

When an alarm condition is detected, a user-defined list is consulted to determine who should handle the alarm. Calls are then made in a predetermined order that is valid for the current time at the location being called. A user can be informed of alarms via:

. Detailed messages to alpha pager
. Coded messages to numeric pager
. Detailed alarm messages sent to any e-mail account (including cell phones)
. Detailed alarm messages can be announced through your standard telephone or cell phone
. Pagers can be part of traditional dial-up pager systems or part of an on-site system.

A text-to-speech generator is used to make announcements and phone calls. There is no need to record the messages. The text-to-speech generator produces a consistent, easy-to-understand voice.

Announcements are made by dynamically building a sentence from the various fields configured by the user. This sentence is sent to the sound card through the text-to-speech engine. This varies over time since it is based upon current conditions.

To ensure that each user is called when scheduled to take calls, ONCall™ permits you to define multiple week schedules identifying days and hours that calls can be made (up to a 52-week schedule).

Alarm information can be stored in an industry standard database format for historical data storage and analysis. This data can even be examined across a network.

Not everyone agrees on the best way to handle alarm data. ONCall™ was designed to let engineers design an alarm monitoring system in a way that serves them best.


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