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In a real-time computing environment, a real-time database is the core of the entire system. It is the dynamic data structure residing in the computer that supports the major data types such as real, integer, discrete, string, etc. In industrial process control and management applications, a real-time database such as ONSPEC incorporates the following features:

   . Data Integrity
   . Connectivity
   . Redundency

Large System ONNet (LSO) supports the data connectivity and redundancy functions in ONSPEC. It is designed to transfer live data between ONSPEC Real-time Databases running in different computers on the network. Up to 255 ONSPEC systems on a same network can be connected with LSO.

LSO is designed to provide swift, accurate and reliable data communications under conditions of heavy and continuous traffic. LSO can connect ONSPEC real-time databases running under Windows, IBM OS/2, and Unix.

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