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Welcome to Automation Onspec Software Technical Support

We offer technical support for all of our products as part of our total commitment to service. From installation to upgrades, whenever you need answers - we deliver!

If you have questions about the use of any of our installed products please use the following form to send us a message, and we will be happy to assist you. We will make every effort to respond within 3 business days. Most issues are resolved on the same or next day.

To assist us in our efforts, please provide the following information:

Describe the question/situation:

Are you able to duplicate?   Yes   No

If Yes, describe the steps to duplicate:


Engineering Contact
Contact Phone Number
Mailing Address
ONSPEC Version
ONSPEC Revision
Serial Number
License Key
Do you currently have a service contract with us?   Yes   No   Not Sure

You can find Version, Revision and Serial Number by clicking on “About ONSPEC” from the ONSPEC Help menu.

If having your ONSPEC configuration will assist us in answering your question, we will provide instructions for uploading.

To locate and copy your configuration files:

  1. Start ONSPEC.
  2. From the “Run” pull-down menu, select “Start a Program.” A window will pop-up.
  3. Note the “Look in” folder name from the pop-up window. This folder contains your configuration information. By clicking on the down triangle to the right of the folder name you can determine the folder location.
  4. Zip the entire contents of this folder.


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